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Welcome to twentysixpanels! Here at the 2-6, we will strive to make our mark on the footballing world, talking about all things dedicated to the beautiful game. Since we are from the United States, there may be a USMNT flair to it, but we plan on writing about whatever strikes us at the time. Human interest stories, breaking news, or something interesting that we just found, we will try to bring you, the reader, new and intriguing things to read about. Enjoy!

To follow, will be an explanation of our name and maybe some news from around the world. Until then, here is a video. Number 1 is my favorite.


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So, you ask why twentysixpanels? well, it comes from a soccer ball. There are normally twenty-six panels that are stitched together to make a soccer ball, and we here at the 2-6 felt like that would represent us well. With each panel being a different thing within the footballing realm, we want to stitch together a complete view of football inspiring diverse opinions and comments as well as adding to the rich blogosphere that is already in existence. I hope it all works out, and we have a little fun at the same time. Cheers.

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