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Rising Stock

Wow, less than a week after the Confederations Cup Final, and the Americans who played well in the tournament are getting new interest from all over the world.

We will look at the biggest winners and losers from the tournament:

Biggest Winners:

Charlie Davies–A move away from his current club Hammarby was pretty much destined to happen as he has had two very good seasons with them and bigger clubs were bound to take a look, but since the tournament, clubs from France, Germany and the Netherlands have shown more than just a glance in his direction. I see him going to Ligue One, where I feel like his speed and quickness will be able to make the most damage.

Jozy Altidore–Since making the loan move to Xerex in January, he hasn’t played a competitive match, and he isn’t happy about it. He returns from his loan back to Villarreal in the coming weeks, but I don’t see him staying there. English clubs such as Everton, and other clubs from Spain have inquired about him asking for a loan deal. I feel like he would do well in the Premier League and learn a lot from testing against the tough physical backs that hold down the forts in England.

Clint Dempsey–While he has become a starter for Fulham, it has been his breakout during the Confederations Cup that has increased his stock the most. Everton has been linked with him, as well as some clubs from Germany and Spain. He only has one more year left in Fulham, and it has been rumored that he recently turned down a two year deal that would keep him at the Cottage, so they may be willing to sell. A deal worth 4 million euros would probably send him on his way. I have a hard time seeing him in Germany or Spain, so I think he will stay in England.

Oguchi Onyewu–We wrote here a few weeks ago that a move to Fenerbache was imminent, but it seems like he realized that bigger teams would be on the prowl after his dominating performance in the Cup. Reports have come in linking him to pretty much everywhere in the world. Teams from Italy, England, Spain, and even the Netherlands have shown interest. This is a toss up, but I want to see him in England, as I think his game will grow the most in that physically demanding league.

UPDATE: Ajax from the Netherlands is VERY interested, while he has narrowed down his choices to teams from four clubs, the Dutch (with Ajax), one from Spain in La Liga, and two from the Serie A in Italy. Thanks go to Greg Seltzer at No Short Corners for the find.

Jay DeMerit–His stock has gone up as well as he played wonderfully, and it has been reported that some of the lower end Premier League clubs in England are taking a look at him. I doubt Watford will be able to hold onto the surly looking, never say die defender.

The Biggest Losers

Demarcus Beasley–Let’s just say this. When he was on the field, the Americans looked terrible, and when he wasn’t, they played with the best teams in the world. He needs to find a team and play, but his stock has plummeted. It might even take him coming back to the MLS for a few seasons, and trying to get his game back together. FC Dallas is first on the allocation list, and he would fit in well…(maybe I’m dreaming).

Sacha Kljestan– His stock has been falling for awhile now, but since the Cup, I don’t see him leaving the MLS in the near future. Ever since he cut his flowing soccer locks, he hasn’t been the same player. He played wonderfully against Sweden, scoring a hat trick, and almost got a transfer to Celtic. However, since his rise, there has been a tremendous fall. In the cup, he turned the ball over more than anyone else on the field. He would either get the ball and pass it to the other team, or become completely invisible and do nothing until he would get red carded. He is going to have to turn his game around pretty quickly to get any serious offers from Europe.

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Thoughts About Transfers

What do you think? See these players getting moves to new teams? Agree with who I have said? Think some more people should be added? Let me know in the comments.


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The United States National Team was the best team in the world for 45 minutes today. They went up 2-0 in the first half and played seamless attacking soccer. In the second half, the team came back to earth as Brazil played like Brazil can play. They struck early within the first minute of the second 45, and kept up the pressure bringing wave after wave of attacks against the American defense.

The final scoreline read 3-2 for Brazil, but the true victory was for the United States. While watching the trophy presentation, I expected to see a US team that was comfortable with second place, one that didn’t expect to win and saw all of this as merely an exercise in futlity against a strong Brazil squad that had already beaten them once. What I saw was something different. I saw a team that was dejected, and wanted to win. As Clint Dempsey won the Bronze Ball, the award for the the third best player in the tournament, I saw the pain of the loss was evident in his eyes. This is a victory for the United States. They have a team that has fire, and belief in themselves. They have a team that doesn’t want respect from teams, they want results.

This tournament got more press for the USMNT than ever before, making the non-soccer world become aware of the achievements of this team.

I am more proud of this team than any other. They fought, had heart, and did everything they could to win. Sure there are some things that need to be fixed but I can be happy knowing that this team did everything it could for the shirts on their backs.

Take heart America, this team can play!

US Soccer

Also, check out No Short Corners, a blog by Greg Seltzer, for some excellent coverage of the USMNT.

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Welcome to twentysixpanels! Here at the 2-6, we will strive to make our mark on the footballing world, talking about all things dedicated to the beautiful game. Since we are from the United States, there may be a USMNT flair to it, but we plan on writing about whatever strikes us at the time. Human interest stories, breaking news, or something interesting that we just found, we will try to bring you, the reader, new and intriguing things to read about. Enjoy!

To follow, will be an explanation of our name and maybe some news from around the world. Until then, here is a video. Number 1 is my favorite.

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So, you ask why twentysixpanels? well, it comes from a soccer ball. There are normally twenty-six panels that are stitched together to make a soccer ball, and we here at the 2-6 felt like that would represent us well. With each panel being a different thing within the footballing realm, we want to stitch together a complete view of football inspiring diverse opinions and comments as well as adding to the rich blogosphere that is already in existence. I hope it all works out, and we have a little fun at the same time. Cheers.

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